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Koolbamboo, a dba of Big Bamboo Trading Company, Inc., was formed in 2002 as a result of many different influences. William Pierson, the principal owner and President, had been traveling to visit family in Colombia, and was impressed by the large forests of bamboo found in many areas, but particularly by the variety Guadua Angustifolia, the largest and strongest of all species. Natives and colonizers of the Americas had been using this guadua for centuries for building homes, fences, bridges – you name it. It had even been dubbed “the building material of the poor”.

After reading a copy of the book Tropical Bamboo, by Marcelo Villegas, Will was convinced that guadua was the building material of the future. Being a member of the grass family, guadua grows very fast, reproduces by itself when cut to the ground, and is harvestable in as little as 4-5 years – a far cry from the 30-60 years required by hardwoods. So here was this incredible material which was “green” in every sense of the word: quickly replenishable, totally sustainable as a harvestable crop, environmentally friendly in every aspect, and with a mystique and aesthetic beauty which are unsurpassed.

Koolbamboo began importing and distributing guadua as a unique building material, and after establishing a friendship with Marcelo Villegas and Simon Velez – two renowned icons in the field – brought them both to Miami in 2006 for a hands-on Construction Workshop. The friendship has endured to this day, and, as President of the American Bamboo Society, Will has invited them both as special guest speakers to the 2013 ABS Annual Conference.

The company is dedicated to bringing the highest quality guadua products available to the USA, and presently sources from several South and Central American countries, as well as Vietnam and Asia. Our product line has expanded from poles and furniture to fencing, custom made shade structures partnered with Guaduatech of Bogota, and presently into guadua plywood and manufactured decking. Daniel Chene of Guaduatech is our in-house architect, and Koolbamboo offers several of his standardized designs as well as custom design-build options. We are the #1 importer of guadua to the USA, and strive daily to improve our triple bottom line.

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305 342 9426

19101 SW 108 Ave/  # 1 Miami Fl. 33157


305 342 9426

19101 S.W. 108 Ave #1 Miami Fl. 33157

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