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305 342 9426

19101 SW 108 Ave/  # 1 Miami Fl. 33157

305 342 9426

19101 S.W. 108 Ave #1 Miami Fl. 33157

Thank you for visiting Koolbamboo.com . We have been importing Guadua Bamboo for over 10 years. We never compromise on quality especially in treatments or preservation of our material. Guadua Angustifoilia is a remarkable plant that inhabits much of the Americas and has characteristics unlike other bamboo materials. It is reasonably straight has thick walls and is much more durable than any other bamboo on the market. We have our own processing criteria and  spare no expense to assure  our clients the best material available. We ship any where in the world please call us for more information.


Interactive Bamboo Geodesic Dome: Daniel Cheyne, Guaduatech and Koolbamboo lead architect as an interpretation for the innovative idea “School in The Cloud” as described by Sugata Mitra in the Ted Award video below. His idea "SOLE" which stands for self organized learning center is an interactive school or self learning center where children and adults who would not normally have access to the Internet would be able to access information. It’s an inspiring story please see the video below. This project is using UBI interactive software. This software makes any surface an interactive touch screen. The idea laid out by Sugata Mitra in conjunction with the bamboo Dome and touch screen technology allows a specialized space this structure could be used in any configuration that would suite the clients need. This IBGD 3000 is also a state of the art Bamboo structure. Using the patented Guaduatech system of joinery, only available here, allows bamboo to be joined at is uttermost extremities without crisscrossing bamboo poles. This bamboo is also mature at 4-6 years and sequesters carbon in its life span. Guadua Bamboo is a thick walled species so it requires extremely strong joinery in this context. R. Buckminster Fuller   was was responsible for creating the formulas for the creation of the dome and use as a structural design. The domes specifications are 11 meters and 5.5 high at the center. It can be covered in canvas but in this case using recycled panels from common refuse called Ecoplak.   Please contact us for more information 305 342 9426

Interactive Dome 3000


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